FES in Moldova

In the Republic of Moldova, FES aims at fostering European integration, democracy, peace and social justice through political dialogue, education and research. Our main areas of activity are the following:

Democratization and Political Participation

Moldova faces the challenge of consolidating its democratic institutions and developing a democratic culture that brings the country fully in line with standards of the European Union. FES contributes to this process by promoting political participation in civil society organizations, political parties and local self-governing bodies. A particular focus of FES activities in this area is on empowering citizens in the regions. Citizens need to be empowered to be able to critically follow public debate, monitor political stakeholders, articulate their views, and act on behalf of their interests. Therefore FES has engaged activities to promote participatory democracy and an enhanced citizens’ civic and political culture on the local level.

European Integration

Moldova is part of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership. FES wants to support the European Integration Process of the country. Through a series of instruments such as radio debates, news bulletins, policy papers, publications and conferences FES focuses on the main challenges related to the European Integration process, facilitating the access of the public to up-to-date and reliable information on the topic, improving the dialogue between the civil society and decision makers on the requirements for successful European Integration, and contributing to strengthening the European integration efforts of Moldovan authorities. Additionally, FES supports Non-Governmental Organizations in contributing to a peaceful resolution of the Transnistria-Conflict as a prerequisite for successful European Integration in the long-run.

Economic, Social and Environmental Policy

In this area the FES supports its partners in developing and implementing policies for a functioning market economy which is sustainable, socially balanced and able to address the needs of all citizens. Input and projects in the area focus on topics such as reforming social security systems, improving working conditions and labour market opportunities and fostering sustainable development. Additionally, FES runs programs which aim at promoting Social Democratic values.


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