Presentation of public budget monitoring reports within the "Civil Society for European Integration" project

​In February 2024 we began a series of events to present the monitoring reports of the public budgets at the central and local level, developed by the partner organizations within the "Civil Society for European Integration" project. The presentations started with the publication of the Report on monitoring expenses in the field of capital repairs of early education institutions subordinated to the General Department of Youth Education and Sport (DGETS) of the Chisinau municipality, prepared by the Public Association „Parinți Solidari”. The event took place on February 1, 2024 and brought together representatives of civil society and local public authorities, parents, municipal councilors, experts in the field, who debated the provisions of the publication. In addition to analyzing and documenting the use of public funds in this area, the Report also came up with recommendations for the efficiency and use of municipal funds according to priority needs, so that early education institutions offer better conditions for the children who attend them. The content of the report can be read and downloaded from the project web page.

Another monitoring report was presented and debated on February 2, in the village of Sireti in the Străseni district: "Monitoring of the development projects of the village of Sireti with the participation of citizens and other interested parties: premises for the implementation of the participatory budgeting mechanism". The publication was developed by the organization ALDA East, with mentoring provided by the experts of the Institutum Virtutes Civilis. This local partner analyzed how the budgetary resources were allocated according to the planned and implemented projects and revealed a series of conclusions and recommendations, such as the need to apply an organized framework for community development through the involvement of several stakeholders. The content of the report can be read and downloaded from the project web page.

The "Civil Society for European Integration" project is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation, being implemented by the Independent Analytical Center "Expert-Grup", as the main partner, in partnership with the Institute for European Policies and Reforms, A.O. Institutum Virtutes Civilis (IVC) and the "Friedrich Ebert" Moldova Foundation.


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