Foreign Policy Newsletter 03/217 March 2024: New media and Russia's informational war against Moldova before the presidential elections

New media and Russia’s informational war against Moldova before the presidential election

The current edition of the FES/APE foreign policy bulletin is dedicated to the phenomenon of disinformation. The Republic of Moldova has been the target, for several years, of an intense hybrid war by the Russian Federation which manifests itself, among other things, through disinformation and propaganda. Moldova is one of the least resilient states in the region, so we set out to find out about as many solutions and scenarios as possible on how Chisinau can better fight against this increasingly widespread phenomenon in the country's media landscape. We talked with political, media and counter disinformation experts from the Republic of Moldova, Lithuania, Ukraine and Romania in order to penetrate as much as possible into the essence of the mechanisms for combating disinformation in Moldova and good practices in this field from other countries.

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