Foreign Policy Newsletter 05/219 May 2024: The Republic of Moldova: between a powerful mass media and the temptation of censorship


The Republic of Moldova: between a powerful mass media and the temptation of censorship

The situation in the media sector is becoming increasingly polarized in the Republic of Moldova, a fact that can harm the journalistic act and the critical spirit that should remain a constant of the independent press. The May edition of the FES/APE foreign policy bulletin is dedicated to the mass media situation in the country and the danger resulting from the very volatile external political context and the domestic political situation on the way of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union. In the interviews we offer you, we debate about the state of investigative journalism and the impact of journalistic investigations, as well as about the dangers lurking in democracies where the press is not strong and free, and the state interventions aimed at protecting the information space are not transparent. Last but not least, the bulletin collected impressions about the general state of affairs and freedom of expression from the Media Policy Forum 2024. The event gathered dozens of local and international experts, as well as journalists, who discussed about models of media development and the transposition of European legislation into the national one, but also about the necessary regulations in the audio-video and online sectors of the information space in the Republic of Moldova. We invite you to read in the following lines about all these topics related to the media landscape in the Republic of Moldova.

The summary of these discussions is reproduced in the current edition of the newsletter, which can be downloaded here.






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