Moldovan Youth: Alienated and Polarised

The study explores the lives, values, concerns, and plans of Moldovan youth. It also provides a comprehensive and consistent account of the living conditions and financial well-being; education and employment; attitudes towards democracy, governance, foreign policy, and EU integration.

The study addresses young people's views of the USSR and transition, identity issues, as well as their feelings about climate change. The aspirations, plans and expectations of young people are also addressed in the study through the lens of their visions of the future, family and children, and migration plans. This publication is a part of the FES International Youth Studies. Starting in 2009 FES has conducted numerous Youth Studies around the globe. The International Youth Studies are a flagship project of the Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung in its endeavor to research, shape, and strengthen the democracy of the future. It strives to contribute to the European discourse on how young generations see the development of their societies as well as their personal future in a time of national and global transformation. The representative studies combine qualitative and quantitative elements of research in close partnership with the regional teams aiming a high standard in research and a sensitive handling of juvenile attitudes and expectations.

Moldovan youth: Alienated and polarized

Prohniţchi, Valeriu

Moldovan youth: Alienated and polarized

Conclusions of the Moldova youth survey 2022
Chisinau, 2023

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