Newsletter 12/214 December 2023

Republic of Moldova faces a new decisive step on its European path.

Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung together with Foreign Policy Association offer you a newsletter on foreign policy and European integration issues of the Republic of Moldova. The newsletter is part of the “Foreign Policy Dialogue” joint Project.

The December edition of the foreign policy newsletter of the FES/APE is dedicated to the historic decision to open the negotiation chapters for the EU accession of the Republic of Moldova on 14 December 2023. Moldova is entering a new stage of rapprochement with the European Union, which will require a considerably greater effort on the part of Chisinau on its European integration path. In a collective interview, several experts have detailed the most important sectoral areas where immediate reforms are needed: justice, economy, defence and security. The security experts of the Platform for Security and Defense Initiatives (PISA) present the security challenges in 2024 for the authorities in Chisinau, in a very turbulent security climate caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We invite you to download and read the newsletter at this link.

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