The Republic of Moldova under the sign of chances to overcome the endless transition of the last 30 years

The current edition of the FES/ APE foreign policy newsletter is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova and proclamation of independence from the former Soviet Union. The protagonists of this edition come up with memories and impressions about the moment of August 27, 1991, but also about what followed in the following three decades in the Republic of Moldova. The newsletter contains a series of interviews, including an interview with the only deputy who also served in the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Vasile Șoimaru, but also interviews with journalist Cornelia Cozonac, director of the Center for Journalistic Investigations in Moldova (CIJM) and the writer Iulian Ciocan. You can also read an editorial signed by the executive director of APE, Victor Chirilă, about what this important moment in the recent history of the Republic of Moldova meant.  Read more here.


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Transnistria at the crossroads: present and future forecasts

Transnistria at the crossroads: present and future forecasts

Transnistria has got into public attention in recent months, following a series of recent events related to the small secessionist region across the Dniester. First of all, it is about the ban imposed by Ukraine on cars with Transnistrian numbers to run on its territory from September 1. Then the success of the Sheriff Tiraspol football team that makes no secret of supporting the separatist regime in Tiraspol and the region's independence in several announcements placed on the club's website. Last but not least, Russia's organization of a record number of polling stations - 27 in the Transnistrian region for the recent elections to the Moscow State Duma - despite the protests, is really poorly formulated by the Moldovan diplomacy. Read more in the current issue of the FES/ APE foreign policy newsletter. More

PAS and Maia Sandu, face to face with success and responsibility for reforms

PAS and Maia Sandu, face to face with success and responsibility for reforms

The hardships are just beginning for the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) voted by the Moldovan citizens to deliver the reform agenda of President Maia Sandu. The victory is a historic one for the pro-European forces in the thirty years of Moldova's existence as a state. At the same time, this is a scathing defeat for the pro-Russian left-wing political forces in Chisinau and, in extenso, a blow to Russia's influence and its direct interests in Moldova. The great confidence shown by the electorate to the winning party comes with an equally great responsibility. PAS thus faces multiple challenges and obstacles that it is doomed to overcome successfully. What are these and how they are seen by experts but also from within the party, read in the current edition of the foreign policy newsletter More

Auction for voters, at the expense of voters: between populism, feasibility and electoral fantasies

Auction for voters, at the expense of voters: between populism, feasibility and electoral fantasies

Out of the twenty-two political parties that registered for the early elections of 11 July 2021, only five came up with detailed electoral programmes, the electoral programmes of twelve other political entities being rather brief and incomplete, usually on one or two pages, while in the case of five electoral contestants they are completely missing. Tough some parties have correctly defined the problems facing the Republic of Moldova, when it comes to solutions, they are either missing or irrelevant to the country's long-term development framework. Most parties have built their electoral offers with dry commitments, without indicating any numerical targets assumed, and the vast majority of electoral promises on the economic and social dimensions are not financially feasible. These are just some of the conclusions of the analysis document whose full version can be downloaded here. More

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