Day workers - a group excluded from the social protection system

On December 7th , 2018, the new Law on day workers (no.22 / 2018) was discussed in a public debate organized by IDIS "Viitorul" and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Moldova. During the discussions, Adrian Lungu, an expert in labor legislation, stressed that the new law has several shortcomings and, contrary to the stated objectives, will substantially limit the social rights and guarantees of the workers from the agricultural sector. Thus, according to the provisions of the law, the the day workers will not benefit from protection and social benefits (pensions, paid leave, allowances, decent working conditions, etc.), protection in case of accidents at work and other guarantees stipulated by the Labor Code. On the other side, the representatives of the employers' organizations and the ministry have put forward arguments in favor of the law, invoking several positive aspects, including the fact that the law will reduce informal work in the sector, increase tax revenues and more.

Fore more details on the subject, download the Study here (in Romanian only)


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