Public debates: Assessment of approaches in the national economy through the theories of economic growth for economies in transition

Inequality, non-inclusive economic growth and low access to social benefits are some of the most pressing issues facing most of the world, but especially developing countries. In most cases, such problems are the result of the wrong approaches to economic growth models but also of faulty economic policies promoted and applied by the governments and political elites of the respective states.

On October, 30th IDIS Viitorul and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Moldova organized a public debate, where the economist and associate expert IDIS Viitorul, Viorel Gîrbu, presented an analytical study on the economic growth models of different states, including the Republic of Moldova's. The author proposed for discussion new approaches of the economic growth model and policy recommendations in this regard for our country.


For more details, access the study here (Romanian language only)


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